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Bertie Co NC Historical Markers, Bertie Co, NC


Engagement at Windsor

Engagement at Windsor

To disrupt Confederate recruiting efforts here in Windsor, the Bertie County seat, three Federal transports steamed from Plymouth on the night of January 29, 1864, under U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Charles W. Flusser. USS Whitehead and USS Bombshell headed up the Cashie River by way of the connecting “Thoroughfare.” USS Massasoit steamed up the Roanoke River to Cedar Landing below Hamilton and disembarked five hundred 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry soldiers at daybreak on January 30. Co. E, 2nd North Carolina Volunteers (US.) landed from Bombshell on the river’s eastern side and marched north. A 1,000-man detachment of the 15th Connecticut Infantry disembarked near here from Whitehead.

Capt. Byron B. Bower commanded Co. B, 62nd Georgia Cavalry to defend Windsor and to guard the approaches to the vitally important Wilmington and Weldon Railroad. The Federals attacked down King Street, engaging the Georgia cavalrymen and driving them north, where they encountered the other Union forces and fled. Windsor native Henry Vaughan Dunstan, a well-known physician here, fought among the Georgians.

The Federals captured three Confederates, and about forty slaves escaped to the Union army. Several staunch Southern supporters were taken hostage for the safe return of certain Unionists imprisoned in Richmond, Virginia. They included the St. Thomas Episcopal Church’s rector, the Reverend Cyrus Waters, who later died in captivity, and bank cashier Lorenzo Webb, the church’s senior warden.

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Attribution: Bernard Fisher

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Bertie Co NC Historical Markers

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Updated: 11-12-2022