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Arlington Co VA Markers, Arlington Co, VA

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Abingdon Plantation

Abingdon Plantation

Abingdon Plantation was originally part of a 6,000 acre tract if land granted to Robert Howson in 1669. As master of a sailing ship, he was given the land in exchange for transporting settlers to the colony of Virginia. Howson sold it to John Alexander for 6,000 pounds of tobacco.

John Alexander was a sea captain and surveyor who emigrated from Scotland to Virginia. After his death in 1677, Alexander’s land was divided between his sons.

By 1746, Gerard Alexander I, John Alexander’s grandson, built a house on his portion of the land. Its one-and-a-half story oak framework, side brick chimneys and steep roof were typical of early colonial houses. The brick foundation to the right was part of his home. The other brick wall and foundation in front of this placard are from a later kitchen/laundry structure.

Gerard Alexander I was probably the first member of the Alexander family to live on this land. After his death in 1761, his three sons inherited the estate.

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Arlington Co VA Markers

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