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Coleman-Crenshaw House

Coleman-Crenshaw House

Dr. John Coleman, born June 6, 1788 in North Carolina, was one of Butler County's earliest pioneer settlers. He built the Coleman-Crenshaw House some time between 1817 and 1821. In June 1820 the first election for Sheriff and Constable, held in Butler County. was held at the Coleman Plantation House. The House was continually occupied by a Coleman descendant Martha Coleman (John Ira Brown) until it was purchased in 1909 by a former slave of the Thomas Chiles Crenshaw's. (son of Judge Anderson Crenshaw) plantation, forty-four (44) year old Gardner Crenshaw. The unnamed Coleman family slaves, never formally recognized, contributed to the building of the Coleman House as well as its maintenance and upkeep during the Pre-Civil War era. Dr. John Coleman is buried in the Coleman Cemetery, located in the northeast tract of the plantation. Gardner Crenshaw is buried at Braggs Hill Cemetery.

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Updated: 7-31-2020