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Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Western Europe, World


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Christina Bruce1256-1275Patrick DunbarRobert "The Competitor" Brus + Christian d' IrbyScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Christine Brus Baroness of Annandale1144-William de BrusScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Euphemia de Brus1200-Ivone KirkpatrickRobert de Brus + Beatrice de TeydenScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Isabel de Brus1245-1285John FitzMarmadukeRobert "The Competitor" Brus + Isabel de ClareScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleEngland, Durham, Horden
Margaret Brus1276-1334William Carlisle, John SheltonRobert de Brus + Margaret CarrickScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Robert "The Competitor" Brus1210-1295Christian d' Irby, Isabel de ClareRobert de Brus + Isabel HuntingdonScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleScotland, Dumfriesshire, Lochmaben
Robert de Brus1117-1189Eufemia le GrosRobert Brus + Agnes PagnelEngland, Yorkshire, Skelton CastleScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale
Robert de Brus1144-1191Isabel Princess of ScotlandRobert de Brus + Eufemia le GrosScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Robert de Brus1164-1245Beatrice de Teyden, Isabel HuntingdonWilliam de Brus + Christine Brus Baroness of AnnandaleScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Robert de Brus1243-1303Margaret CarrickRobert "The Competitor" Brus + Isabel de ClareScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleIsrael
William de Brus1138-1215Christine Brus Baroness of AnnandaleRobert de Brus + Eufemia le GrosScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Adam de Carliel1160-1213Maud de VesciRobert de CarlielScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Eudo de Carliel1185-1230Adam de Carliel + Maud de VesciScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Hildred de Carliel1095-Scotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Odard of Carliel1118-Hildred de CarlielScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
Robert de Carliel1139-Odard of CarlielScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
William de Carliel1210-1274Eudo de CarlielScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale
William Carlisle1235-1270William de CarlielScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
officeGabriel Johnston1695-1775Penelope EdenJohn JohnstonScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleNC, Chowan Co
James Johnston1625-Henrietta DouglasJames Johnston + Margaret DouglasScotland, Dumfriesshire, Annandale 
John Johnston1665-1730James Johnston + Henrietta DouglasScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleScotland
Margaret Logan1709-1760William CraigeArchibald Logan + Christian GemmillScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleNC, Orange Co
Sarah Maxwell1576-1636John FlemingScotland, Dumfriesshire, AnnandaleScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh
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