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Newton, Riverside Cemetery, Jasper Co, Illinois, North Central USA, USA, World


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George William Bickers1857-1934Nancy E. StanleyGeorge Washington Bickers + Elizabeth CarpenterIL, Jasper Co, SmallwoodIL, Union Co, Anna
Solomon "Arthur" Bickers1877-1948Sarah Louisa "Lulu" WeaverGeorge William Bickers + Nancy E. StanleyILIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Sarah E. Brackett1846-1914Stephan Francis StanleyKYIL, Jasper Co
Ruth Isabella Danforth1909-2000Delmar D. RichardsIL, Iroquois Co, BuckleyIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Orlando Thomas DewhirstOrlando Thomas Dewhirst1868-1946Maggie Jane TateIL, Richland Co, WakefieldIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Marjorie J. Faschnat1901-1980Wallace Milton GrovesILIL
John Fredrick Fasnacht1866-1934Minnie Mae LewisIL, Richland CoIL, Jasper Co
Lillie Mae Fasnacht1896-1983Harold Isaah Newberry TateJohn Fredrick Fasnacht + Minnie Mae LewisIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co
Cora J. Foreman1881-1974Lewis Denston RichardsJohn Wilson Foreman + Lydia HawkILIL
Lenora M. "Nora" Goble1867-1947William Garrison "Bud" GrovesILIL, Edgar Co
Crystalenna Green1871-1966William Garrison TateIsaiah Green + Elizabeth HardyIL, Richland Co, WakefieldIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Dale R. Groves1926-1977Wallace Milton Groves + Marjorie J. FaschnatILIL
Eva Mildred Groves1915-1993Kenneth Charles SmithGeorge W. Groves + Dollie CarterIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL, Jasper Co, Bogota
Wallace Milton Groves1903-1936Marjorie J. FaschnatGeorge W. Groves + Dollie CarterIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL, Effingham Co, Effingham
William Garrison "Bud" Groves1872-1936Lenora M. "Nora" GobleJohn Harrison Groves + Matilda Elizabeth NottinghamIL, Jasper CoIL, Richland Co, Olney
Frankie Matilda "Fannie" Hall1879-1943Elias Benjamin "Ben" RichardsWilliam Cyrus Hall + Nancy Jane NottinghamILIL
Luna B. Henry1883-1962Henry Harrison ThackerDavid Henry + Dianna Sampson JacksonIL, Jasper Co, ShamrockIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Providence Henry Henry jr.1879-1891Providence R. Henry Sr. + Elizabeth HobsonILIL, Jasper Co
Providence R. Henry Sr.1845-1915Elizabeth HobsonILIL
Elizabeth Hobson1847-1929Providence R. Henry Sr.William Hobson + Caroline SmallwoodIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co, Wade
William Hobson1820-1883Caroline SmallwoodKY, Hardin Co 
Mary Francena Kelso1858-1941Samuel K. StanleyILIL, Jasper Co
Edith Fay Kibler1890-1976Sylvester Joshua "Shorty" SmallwoodIL, Jasper Co, Newton 
Minnie Mae Lewis1872-1960John Fredrick FasnachtIL, Jasper Co, Rose HillIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Thomas H. Marshall1838-1917Mary M. LancasterPAIL, Jasper Co
Stephen Elijah Read1867-1948Mary Etta TateDurham Stanley Read + Nancy Jane DotyIL, Edwards CoIL
Aaron W. Richards1895-1973Lewis Denston Richards + Dora B. ForemanILIL
Delmar D. Richards1906-1973Ruth Isabella DanforthLewis Denston Richards + Cora J. ForemanILIL
Dorothy Irene Richards1914-1937Elias Benjamin "Ben" Richards + Frankie Matilda "Fannie" HallILIL
Elias Benjamin "Ben" Richards1871-1932Frankie Matilda "Fannie" HallAaron Richards + Mary M. LancasterIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL, Jasper Co, Willow Hill Twp
Etta Jane Richards1893-1929Owen J. LewisLewis Denston Richards + Dora B. ForemanIL, Jasper Co, NewtonIL, Marion Co, Salem
John Robert Richards1897-1951Elias Benjamin "Ben" Richards + Frankie Matilda "Fannie" HallIL, Jasper Co, NewtonIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Lewis Denston Richards1869-1951Cora J. Foreman, Dora B. ForemanAaron Richards + Mary M. LancasterIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co
William Aaron Richards1902-1941Elias Benjamin "Ben" Richards + Frankie Matilda "Fannie" HallILIL
Edwin Peter Rogers1888-1942Caroline Ellen "Carrie" SmallwoodIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co
Bernetta Shryock1909-2004Roy Shryock + Effie M. TateILIL, Jasper Co
Roy Shryock1888-1980Effie M. TateILIL, Jasper Co
Caroline Smallwood1821-1910William HobsonSamuel Smallwood + Elizabeth "Betsey" FordKY, Hardin Co 
Caroline Ellen "Carrie" Smallwood1893-1978Edwin Peter Rogers, Elijah E. WrightWilliam M. Smallwood + Luetitia "Lue" BakerTX, Grayson CoIL, Coles Co
Harold Smallwood1910-2001Mary Tempa WeckSylvester Joshua "Shorty" Smallwood + Edith Fay KiblerIL, Macon CoCA, San Diego Co, Fallbrook
Sylvester Joshua "Shorty" Smallwood1882-1963Edith Fay KiblerSylvester Samuel Smallwood + Elizabeth NottinghamIL, Jasper Co, Newton 
Sylvester Samuel Smallwood1859-1912Elizabeth NottinghamSamuel Smallwood Jr. + Elizabeth CraigTX, Collin CoIL, Jasper Co, Smallwood
Kenneth Charles Smith1912-1977Eva Mildred GrovesIL, Clay Co, IngrahamIL, Jasper Co, Newton
J. Frank Stanley1876-1919Stephan Francis Stanley + Sarah E. BrackettIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co
Nancy E. Stanley1851-1907George William BickersILIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Samuel K. Stanley1854-1922Mary Francena KelsoPleasant Marion Stanley + Margaret Ann NottinghamIL, Richland CoIL, Jasper Co
Stephan Francis Stanley1847-1920Sarah E. BrackettPleasant Marion Stanley + Margaret Ann NottinghamKY, Hardin CoIL, Jasper Co
Viola Stanley1868-1891Stephan Francis Stanley + Sarah E. BrackettILIL, Jasper Co
Effie M. Tate1888-1973Roy ShryockWilliam Garrison Tate + Crystalenna GreenIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Ethel Nora Tate1894-1963Walter William FasnachtWilliam Garrison Tate + Crystalenna GreenIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL, Richland Co, Olney
Harold Isaah Newberry Tate1900-1990Lillie Mae FasnachtWilliam Garrison Tate + Crystalenna GreenIL, Jasper Co, St MarieIL, Jasper Co
Maggie Jane TateMaggie Jane Tate1886-1967Orlando Thomas DewhirstNewberry Wheeldon Tate + Margaret A. GrovesIL, Jasper CoIL, Jasper Co
Mary Etta Tate1867-1951Stephen Elijah ReadNewberry Wheeldon Tate + Margaret A. GrovesIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL
Preston B. Tate1845-1920William Tate + Rodah Ann SelbyINIL, Jasper Co
Viola E. Tate1907-1936Guy W. HannaWilliam Garrison Tate + Crystalenna GreenIL, Jasper Co, West LibertyIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island
Viola Mae Tate1936-1998Bob MasseyHarold Isaah Newberry Tate + Lillie Mae FasnachtIL, Jasper CoIL, Effingham Co, Effingham
William Garrison Tate1865-1929Crystalenna GreenNewberry Wheeldon Tate + Margaret A. GrovesIL, Jasper Co, BogotaIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Henry Harrison Thacker1865-1952Luna B. HenryIL, Bond Co, DonnellsonIL, Jasper Co, Newton
Sarah Louisa "Lulu" Weaver1885-1951Solomon "Arthur" BickersILIL, Richland Co, Olney
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