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Lavenham, Suffolk, England, Western Europe, World


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Margaret Appleton1438-Thomas SpringJohn Appleton + Margaret WellingEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Joan Burton1470-1520Adam WinthropEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk
Alice Cole1617-1652Walter Cole + SusanEngland, Suffolk 
Anne Cole1629-Walter Cole + SusanEngland, Suffolk 
Elizabeth Cole1622-1700John FullerWalter Cole + SusanEngland, SuffolkMA, Middlesex Co, Newton
Francis Cole1614-1652Walter Cole + SusanEngland, Suffolk 
Jane Cole1627-Walter Cole + SusanEngland, Suffolk 
Susan Cole1611-Walter Cole + SusanEngland, Suffolk 
Walter Cole1585-1652Susan ___England, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Harold Cooke1345-Ena Ross? CookeEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk
Lawrence Cooke1438-Robert Cooke + Katherine ___England, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Matilda Cooke1468-Clement HeighamLawrence CookeEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Sir Norman Cooke1370-Myrtle ___Harold Cooke + Ena RossEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Robert Cooke1392-1453Katherine ___England, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Robert Cooke1392-1423Katherine ___Sir Norman Cooke + Lady MyrtleEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Richard Gridley1600-1674England, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
Martha Hadington1610-1694William RussellEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge
Anna Hammond1616-1685John LathropWilliam Hammond + Elizabeth PaineEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Barnstable Co
Elizabeth Hammond1574-1633Daniel LivermoreThomas Hammond + Rose TrippEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Lieut. John Hammond1626-1709Abigail SalterWilliam Hammond + Elizabeth PaineEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
Thomas Hammond1545-1589Rose TrippEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
William Hammond1575-1662Elizabeth PaineThomas Hammond + Rose TrippEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
Margaret Hedley1379-James CliffordEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Clement Heigham1468-1500Matilda CookeThomas Heigham + Catherine CottonEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Clement Heigham1495-1571Anne Munnings, Anne WaldegraveClement Heigham + Matilda CookeEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Barrow
Daniel Livermore1579-1631Elizabeth HammondRichard LivermoreEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Essex, Whethersfield
Agnes Or Ann Neves1563-1645William Payne Or PaineEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Edmund Ong1568-1630Frances ReedEdmund Onge + Elizabeth LadymanEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Isaac Ong1627-Mary UnderwoodEdmund Ong + Frances ReedEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Elizabeth Paine1586-1676William HammondWilliam Payne Or Paine + Agnes Or Ann NevesEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
William Payne Or Paine1565-1648Agnes Or Ann NevesWilliam Payne + Joanna ___England, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
William Payne1532-1587Joanna ___William PayneEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
George Peryente1505-1556Agnes SporneEngland, Hertfordshire, DigswellEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Deborah Prince1622-Thomas SkillingsEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Essex Co, Ipswich
Thomas Skillings1614-1667Deborah PrinceEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamME, Cumberland Co, Falmouth
Thomas Sporne1479- England, Suffolk, Lavenham
Annie Spring1495-1553Thomas JermynThomas Spring + Alice AppletonEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Henry Spring1628-1697Johannis Spring + Mrs. Elinor SpringEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown
John Spring1497-Dorothy WaldegraveThomas Spring + Alice AppletonEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Thomas Spring1385-1440Agnes ___England, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Thomas Spring1430-1486Margaret AppletonThomas Spring + Agnes ___England, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Thomas Spring1456-1486Margaret ParrisThomas Spring + Margaret AppletonEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Thomas Spring1483-1523Alice AppletonThomas Spring + Margaret ParrisEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham 
Margaret Welling1415-1458John AppletonRobert Richard WellingEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Little Waldingfield
Henry Willoughby1579-1649Elizabeth KnollysJohn Willoughby + Elizabeth HaweEngland, Derbyshire, DerbyEngland, Suffolk, Lavenham
Adam Winthrop1466-1498Joan BurtonRobert WynethorpeEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Groton
Adam Winthrop1498-1562Alice Henry, Agnes SharpeAdam Winthrop + Joan BurtonEngland, Suffolk, LavenhamEngland, Suffolk, Groton
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