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Greenville, Pitt Co, North Carolina, Southeast USA, USA, World


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Caroline E. Phelps1859-1911James ElksNC, Franklin Co 
James Allen Porter1858-1941Julia Frances ClarkAllen Telley Porter + Mary EvansNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
James Quartermas1809-Ruth AtkinsonNC 
Allie Brown Roberson1893-1943Thomas E. Roberson + Allie A. JoynerNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Roy Preston Roberson1900-1934Enoch Thadius Roberson + Ella Verona StancillNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Charles Andrew Robertson1889-1953Annie Degrasse JerniganJoseph Lawrence Robertson + Susan Emma EllisonNCNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Leandra Mercedes Rodriguez1986-Tyrone Williams SrMerced Rodriguez-Luna + Teresa Ann AndersonNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Teresa Daniella Rodriguez1985-Merced Rodriguez-Luna + Teresa Ann AndersonNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Mary Rogers1815-Charles RountreeNC, Pitt Co 
Annie Rosalind Rountree1878-George WoodwardCharles Diego Ferdinan Rountree + Annie JohnstonNC 
Charles Rountree1815-Mary RogersWilliam Rountree + Sally ForbesNC 
Charles Diego Ferdinan RountreeCharles Diego Ferdinan Rountree1841-1920Margaret Smith, Annie JohnstonCharles Rountree + Mary RogersNC 
Charles Stanley Rountree1890-Herbert Rountree + Lula Juanita ParkerNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Leonidas Christopher Rountree1844-Louise SummerellCharles Rountree + Mary RogersNC 
Leonidas Horatio RountreeLeonidas Horatio Rountree1868-1952Lucy Mae AbbottLeonidas Christopher Rountree + Louise SummerellNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co
Mary Rountree1817-Caleb CannonWilliam Rountree + Sally ForbesNC, Pitt Co 
Mary Ada Rountree1869-Robert J. CobbCharles Diego Ferdinan Rountree + Margaret SmithNC 
Winifred Rountree1807-1869Benjamin BrownJesse Rountree + Winifred JenkinsNC 
Susan Zelota Selby1820-1863Thomas Ashley GorhamNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Henry Sheppard1854-1934Estelle SuttonWilliam Henry Sheppard + Margaret Ann TysonNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
William Henry Sheppard1813-1881Margaret Ann TysonNC, Greene Co, Snow Hill 
Richard Short1838-1868Sarah Penelope BrownRichard Short + Diana Marie ___  
Sallie Richard Short1868-Corydon Perry SpruillRichard Short + Sarah Penelope BrownNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Edward Sirmans1741-1805Elizabeth Ballenger, Rachel Sarah, Ann FrownEdward SirmanNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Anna Mariah Smith1809-Thomas EasonOliver Smith + Nancy SheppardNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Emily Evelyn Smith1852-Calvin CoxWilliam Henry Smith + Mary NelsonNC 
Eva Sarah Smith1842-Robert GreenSpyers Smith + Evilina BelleNC 
Jemima Smith1800-Charles GreeneNC 
Junius Deems Smith Sr1868-1924Mary Olivia ForbesRobert Oberton Smith + Frances Rebecca CottrellNC, Granville CoNC, Pitt Co
Margaret Smith1852-Charles Diego Ferdinan RountreeNC 
Mary Smith1810-Jesse Alexander DollerhideBennett Smith + Nancy SmithNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Lonie D Spence1898-1974Seth Theodore Porter SrNC, Tyrrell CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Corydon Perry Spruill1860-Sallie Richard Short  
Rev George Edward Spruill1865-Lillie Olivia Moore  
Vonnie Mae Squires1911-1992Virgil Clarence EverettNC, Beaufort CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
William Jesse Stancill1895-1960Godfrey Stancill + Dora BullockNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Leroy "Roy" Stokes1898-1966Ella Mae HudsonRufus Reddish Franklin Stokes + Sarah Elizabeth CoxNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Ruby Mae Stokes1923-1995Leroy "Roy" Stokes + Ella Mae HudsonNC, Pitt Co, GreenvilleNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Benjamin Bruce Sugg1886-Lillian GrayIsaac A. Sugg + Mary Edward RountreeNC 
Thomas Jarvis Sugg1870-1924Mary Eliza "Mamie" Burbank  
Louise Summerell1844-Leonidas Christopher RountreeNC 
Ethel Mae Sutton1921-1993Walter Kaulback, Joseph Cleo ConwayRobert Sutton + Belle HodgesNC, Pitt Co, GreenvilleVA, Chesapeake
Bertha Cordelia Taylor1901-1982James Carroll KeelJames Nathaniel Taylor + Mary Liza WhitakerNCNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Ashley Thigpen1838-Martha FlemingNC 
Joseph J. Thomas1834-Anne G. BrownNC 
Pennie Mae Tucker1905-1979Harry William DanielsWilliam Joseph Tucker + Laura EdwardsNC, Pitt CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
James Zebulon Vance Turnage1884-1955Rosa A. Elizabeth ElksRick Bullock + Alice Gurganus  
Bettie Tyson1878-Thomas HookerRichard Albert Tyson + Clyde PerkinsNC 
Eliza Tyson1852-James WilliamsSherrod Tyson + Nancy Jane TurnageNC, Pitt Co 
Gracie Tyson1831-George MoyeMoses Tyson + Charlotte EvansNC, Pitt Co, Winterville 
Margaret Ann Tyson1822-1863William Henry SheppardSherrod Tyson + Elizabeth W. HarperNC 
Richard Albert Tyson1855-1933Clyde PerkinsSherrod Tyson + Nancy Jane TurnageNC, Pitt CoNC, Greene Co
William Sherrod Tyson1903-Richard Albert Tyson + Clyde PerkinsNC, Pitt Co, Greenville 
Sophronia Eliza "Fonie" Venters1879-1962Furney Leon GaskinsNCNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Verda Waldrop1888-Frank WilsonNC 
Ollen Warren1863-Susan WilsonNC 
Pearl Waters1885-1953Joseph Byrant HardeeJoseph Baker Waters + Aleitha Avis MooreNC, Martin CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
James Williams1842-Eliza TysonJames Theophilus Williams + Clara VinesNC 
Maida Williams1871-1957William Ferrell BurchJames Williams + Eliza TysonNC 
Tyrone Williams Sr-Leandra Mercedes Rodriguez  
Frank Wilson1866-Verda WaldropSimon B. Wilson + Martha Elizabeth BrownNC 
Simon B. Wilson1833-Martha Elizabeth BrownJames Wilson + Sarah BurneyNC 
Susan Wilson1861-Ollen WarrenSimon B. Wilson + Martha Elizabeth BrownNC 
Walter Wilson1858-Lizzie Blow, Brittiana SaundersSimon B. Wilson + Martha Elizabeth BrownNC 
Heber Wilkinson Windley1909-2001Myrtle Allene WestonNC, Beaufort Co, PantegoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
Allen Carey Winfrey1797-1882David Nicholas Winfree + Achsah TuckNC, Pitt Co, GreenvilleTN, Smith Co
Mary Elizabeth WoodsonMary Elizabeth Woodson1842-1924Thomas Jordan JarvisJohn Woodson + Charlotte Corday WoodsonVA, Goochland CoNC, Pitt Co, Greenville
George Woodward1876-Annie Rosalind RountreeNC 
John Hyman Woolard1885-Laurie Ellison  
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