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Grand Parents
Robert Peyton + Mary Keeble
Nelson Langton
Sir Robert Peyton1671 -- BEF 1746
Mary Langtonabt 1679 --
William Westbef 1692 -- 1718/1719
Susannah Pattersonabt 1690 --



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abt 17389/1774  NJ Henry Lockey 
  • Will, 8/14/1752: Will of Henry West: August 14, 1752. December Court, 1752. Sisters: MARY SOJORNER, SARAH PEYTON, CEILA TYNES. Nephew: JOHN PEYTON. Niece: HOLLAND APPLEWHITE. Executors: JOHN GILES, MICHAEL COUTANCHE, WILLIAM PEYTON and THOMAS PIERCE. Witnesses: THOMAS and JOHN JASPER, JOHN PORTER. Clerk of the Court: WILL ORMOND. Original missing. Abstract made from recorded copy.
  •  05-Dec-08 6:11 PM
Regarding the history of "Paterson, NJ"

" In 1792, Alexander Hamilton formed an investment group called the Society of Useful Manufactures (the "SUM") whose funds would be used to develop a planned industrial city in the United States that was later to become Paterson. Hamilton believed that the United States needed to reduce its dependence on foreign goods and should instead develop its own industries." a quote from patersonhistory.com . Note: Paterson, NJ is spelled with one "T" not two "TT's,"

The town of Paterson, NJ was founded in 1792, therefore it is highly unlikely that Margaret was from a city that did not exist in her lifetime.
  •  08-Oct-08 8:11 PM
All the records I have seen for William describe him as having married Sarah West, who I would guess was the daughter of the Henry West mentioned in this will. Sometimes she is noted as "Sarah West Patterson" or even "Sarah West of Patterson, NJ."

It seems possible that William may have had two wives: Margaret Patterson, and Sarah West.

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