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Ephriam "Big Eaf" Hatfield II + Nancy A. Vance
Nathaniel "Nathan" Chafin + Matilda Varney
Daniel McCoy + Margaret "Peggy" Taylor
Jacob Cline + Nancy Fuller
Capt. William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield9 SEP 1839 -- 6 JAN 1921avatar
Levisa "Levicy" Chafin20 DEC 1842 -- 15 MAR 1929avatar
Asa "Harmon" McCoy1828 -- 7 JAN 1865avatar
Martha "Patsy" Clineabt 1830 -- 4 NOV 1907avatar
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

William Anderson "Ancie" 

18851917  WV, Logan Co  


1886abt 1900  KY, Pike Co  
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  •  29-Aug-12 10:21 PM
My Great Great Grandfather was Devil Anse Hatfield and my Great Grandfather was Johnse Hatfield and my Great Grandmother was his wife Nettie. Their son, and my Grandfather, is Robert Luther Hatfield who married Josephine Mabel Hatfield and one of their nine children is my father named Daniel Glenn Hatfield (a.k.a Rodger Hatfield).
  •  01-Jun-12 9:02 PM
Just wanted to make a correction. Nettie Toler and Jinette Frances Brookshire are the same person. She was the widow of my great grandfather Andrew Toler. Her maiden was Brookshire. Jinette became Nettie and there is the confusion. Andrew Toler's first wife was Martha Hatfield my great grandmother. When she dies he married Nettie who was much younger. After his death she married Johnse. I believe she was a wealthy widow at the time.

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