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Johannes Frey5 FEB 1718 -- 6 FEB 1753avatar
Maria Catharina Götz2 APR 1717 -- 17 JAN 1789avatar


Johann Michael Frey


10 AUG 1743


Germany, Baden, Württemberg, Rappenau




Germany, Baden, Württemberg, Rappenau (Rappenau Evangelische Kirche)


1 DEC 1771


PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia




Corporal in Lancaster battallion



PA, Lancaster Co

Battalion of Associators, Lancaster County

abt 1787


PA, Lancaster Co

(see note)
Aged: 43.4 years
Proceedings and Addresses, Vol 4  (births of children)
Immigrated with brothers Johann Martin, and Johann Jacob.

Michael Frey's death is estimated (fall 1786 and fall 1789) because he was not present for the Christening of his son Jacob Frey.

Michael and Dorothea Frey are parents of John (1777), John Martin (1779) Johann Michael (1781) and Jacob (1787). I am certain that the John Frey/Fry and his descendents are descended from this couple. Ref is the Trinity Lutheran Church Records vol I and II.

But, there is more than one Johan Michael Frey. And there is more than one Dorothy.

I believe it is Johann Michael Frey, born in Germany 10 Aug 1743. The reason is that he names his children after himself, his father, and the two brothers who came with him on the Brig Betsey in 1 Dec 1771 (there his name is Michael Frey).

Agrees with this LDS record. This LDS record does not give source and I did not use it.

2. Other thoughts by Dale Berger and Esther Forsberg. This looks like the same Michael Frey that I have with a different wife and children. This LDS reference agrees in part.  There is no source for this LDS record either.

A similar line: involves the same John Michael Frye, born in Muddy Creek in 1745, and Dorothea Schmidt. But this Micheal Frye has different parents from Berger/Frosberg. He has 9 or 10 children. depending on the reference, and some of the names are the same: Catherine, Martin and Jacob. All of them born in PA. This ref gives the same DoB for Martin and Jacob as found in the records of Trinity Lutheran Church. All this family goes to North Carolina. And the wife, Doretha, is Anna Maria Dorothea Schmidt, almost certainly not the Dorothey Freyin who marries Micheal Frey at TLC and then marries Ruch in 1796.

A different Michael Frey with nearly the same date and place of birth

Dorothea Freyin




( place questionable )

Birth info ia a complete guess.
(Freyin suggests that Dorothea had been married before to someone named Frey.)

Here is what I know for sure. (I have seen most of these records and have copies/notes.)

1    Dec 1771 Brig Betsey lists passengers including Michael Frey, Johannes Martin Frey, Jacob Frey
2. Michael Frey and Dorothea appear together in the records of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster, PA Also LCHS records.

    • 27 Nov 1768 - Dorothea is listed as "Freyen" widow

    • 31 May 1772 - Michael Frey (receives communion)

    • 09 Oct 1774 - Michael Frey (receives communion) Note: "single, schoolmaster at Mr. Hornsberger's"

    • 09 Oct 1774 - Dorothea Freyen (receives communion)

    • 01 Jun 1777 Michael and Dorothea Frey are sponsors at baptism of Johann Frey

    • 1779 Michael and Dorothea Frey are sponsors at baptism of Martin Frey

    • 03/ 06/1781 - Michael Frey (receives communion)

    • 1781 Michael and Dorothea Frey are sponsors at baptism of Michael Frey

    • 1787 Dorothea Frey is sponsor at baptism of Jacob Frey (Michael has passed away)

3  Michael and Dorothea name their boys after Michael's father, his brothers, and himself.
4. John  Ruch m. Dorothy Frey widow both of Leacock 4/5/1796 Elizabeth Frey
[First Reformed Church Records, Lancaster, PA Page 194]
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses




17 APR 177725 SEP 1855  PA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster Salome Royer 


5 FEB 1779  PA, Lancaster Co  

Johann Michael 

15 JUL 178118 MAR 1859  PA Catharina Diesinger 


3 MAR 1787  PA  
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  3. Personal: Verbal communication; Family notes;
  4. Website: Johannes Frey and Maria Gotz;
  5. Website: Genform: Frey Family;
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