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Jesse Phillips + Nancy Bishop
John Franklin King + Elender Williamson
Daniel McCoy + Margaret "Peggy" Taylor
Jacob Cline + Nancy Fuller
William "Billy" Phillipsabt 1835 -- 01/09/1864avatar
Mary May Kingabt 1836 -- avatar
Asa "Harmon" McCoy1828 -- 7 JAN 1865avatar
Martha "Patsy" Clineabt 1830 -- 4 NOV 1907avatar

bad frank phillips.jpg

Frank "Bad Frank" Phillips


27 JUL 1861


12 JUL 1898

Aged: 37 years
Was rumoured to have been a part of the James-Younger gang in his younger years. Recruited by Perry Cline to gather a posse and capture the Hatfields after three of the McCoy sons killed Ellison Hatfield five years earlier, and Devil Anse retaliated by killing the three of them. Several skirmishes occured during this time, which led to the burning of the McCoy farm, and the deaths of two more of the McCoy children. After the capture of nine of the Hatfield's, Nancy McCoy, who was married to Devil Anse Hatfield's oldest son, Johnse, left her husband who was behind bars and married Frank Phillips.
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Bobby Cook   •  05-May-13 11:36 PM
My Mother always told me that my great grandmother, Pricie Phillips was Bad Frank's sister. Pricie married William M. Thornsbury and lived in Lick Creek, Pike County Ky.

Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1955"
Reference ID:17900
GS Film number:1912935
show Pricie's parents were Bill Phillips and Mary King and her spouse was WM Thornsbury. Pricie, Bad Frank's sister died in 1929 in Pike Kentucky.
1880 census showed they had two children, Emsy and Elizabeth. I have a photo. Our family also owns a very large family photo of the Hatfields in front of their log home on the pourch that was passed down to my siblings and myself. My email is bobcatcook@gmail.com I've also had my DNA genome done through 23andme.com and if anyone else is doing DNA, I'd be love to compare our genomes. Thanks, Bobby Cook.

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